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Barton Farm,
Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

The area around the Tithe barn in Bradford-on-Avon, has seen a massive transformation in the first few years of this millennium.

  • The West Barn – sub-contracting to Magenta working on both gables, the entrance, and the surrounding walls.
  • Granary and old dairy – with Ellis & Co, conserving the walls.
  • Pack-horse bridge – with Minerva Stone Conservation.
  • Barton Farmhouse – work includes the boundary walls where some areas were rebuilt, pointed and topped with cock and hen as well as pointing and chimney repairs.

These are all Grade 1 listed structures.

Conservation rebuild of West Barn boundary walls and gable ends (with Magenta) – BoA 2001
Dairy wall stone repair, grouting and repointing (with Ellis & Co) – 2002 Barton House boundary wall rebuild (see below) – BoA 2003-4
Breakwater rebuild, pointing and limecreting carriageway (with Minerva) – BoA 2003   Barton House boundary wall partial rebuild (see detail above) – BoA 2003-4
Barton House south wall (external before and after work)